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Universal billing professionals have been successfully providing medical billing and collection services for over 17 years.

Why Medical Offices Have Opted to Outsource Billing to Universal:


Medical Practices are always battling turnover. Outsourcing billing and collections to a proven partner like Universal, eliminates the revenue threat associated with staff turnover providing you with additional peace of mind.

Technology Consulting

Practices are struggling with issues like IT security, IT best practices and how to truly leverage technology. Outsourced billing customers receive special technology consulting to optimize your use of technology, and enhance practice profitability.


Medical Offices receive preferential software pricing from Universal when they outsource their billing and collections. Think of this like a volume discount that you're eligible for in exchange for expanding your business with us.


When you outsource your medical billing to Universal, we have certified billing service to handle your billing and collections. If it doesn't work out for some reason, you still own all your data, and we allow you to bring your billing in-house if preferred.